Onsite One-On-One Training

Onsite One-On-One Training
Personally Train with Dr. Dan on Your Project
We Come To You!

We Travel to Your Location and Work with You on Your Project
Three or Four Day Training Available

Doctor Dan Says:

“This is a Niche Business and the Need is Great for Kitchen Refinishers in Your Area!”


  • Certificate of Completion in training with Dr. Dan
  • 3 or 4 Day Training with Doctor Dan
  • We travel to your location and work with you on your project
  • Refinish a kitchen or a project that YOU provide OR refinish lots of samples…
  • Refinish lots of samples (using toner (dye stains), glaze, do painted rub throughs, antiquing, distressing, etc.)
  • Assist you in what and where to purchase equipment and supplies
  • Provide color mixing and matching techniques and training
  • You will learn how to change the color of a kitchen (toning process)
  • A picture of you with Doctor Dan holding your Certificate of Completion


$5,000 – $8,000 (Call to Discuss Your Project and Obtain a Quote which will also include our travel)

  • 1/2 Down Deposit required
  • 25% of the balance Due Upon Our Arrival
  • 25% Due upon completion of training

*** Find a kitchen project that we can use to train you on and defray some of the cost of your training ***


bonus-1Get a Free Copy of Dr. Dan’s new eBook: “Wealth Strategies for Highly Paid Wood Finishers – Special Niche Market Report 2015”

You will also receive access to the digital online content of Dr Dan’s Original Trade Secrets Video Series:
The Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing – 2 DVDs worth of informational content, AND
Wealth Strategies of Highly Paid Wood Finishers  – 2 DVDs worth of informational content about marketing your business – website/online

Copies/Templates of 2 BIDS and 1 Quick Quote to use with your Customers/Clientele

One Hour of phone consultation with Doctor Dan after the Training Session has ended to answer any remaining questions and “uncertainties”


Phone: +1-720-297-4665
Toll Free: 877-630-9663