About Dan



37 years of Professional Experience.  Known as Doctor Dan in the wood finishing industry, I have a large variety of wood finishing experience with high end finishes (Kitchen Cabinetry and Architectural Woodworking Industries).

Finishes include: Glazing, Various Distressing Techniques, Rub Throughs, Crackle Lacquer, Toning (with use of Dye Stains) or spray stains, etc. Also, in the architectural woodworking industry, with monumental grade finishes. I am a member of Houzz and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating.

“I realized that people were spending a lot of unnecessary $$$dollars putting in new kitchens, and kitchen re-facing when there was a lot that could be done with their existing kitchen”.

Upscale Wood Finishing

Dan advises homeowners to check out all of their kitchen cabinet refinishing/re-coating options first before making radical changes (removing/replacing existing kitchen cabinets or other interior woodwork), which can be very costly and inconvenient.

Another option for worn or dated Kitchen cabinets is to Update your existing kitchen cabinet by changing the existing color (with hundreds of color options available), blend and re-coat. You can do the same with furniture, trim, doors, cabinets or any interior woodwork. Other applications available are glazing, antiquing, distressing, paint and crackle lacquering, faux finishing, paint and rub- throughs, toning the wood lighter or darker, and adding accent colors to islands in any color you can dream up.

So there are many possible avenues besides the costly venture of “starting over”, saving the homeowner thousands of dollars. “Many of these upgrade finishes can increase the value of a kitchen by 3-4 times its original value. Best of all, the cost is around 1/10th that of a new kitchen and the end quality is often much better than what you can buy new,” Dan claims. The process typically takes only 2-5 days.

EQUIPMENT USED (inventory)

  • Kremlin Air Assisted Airless
  • Cupguns (for toning)
  • Commercial Grade Compressors
  • Fillsticks, epoxy, burn in
  • Aerosols – flat, low, medium and high sheen/sanding sealers
  • Dye Stain and Pigments (for all your touch needs).




I have worked with RITZ CARLTON Hotels (including Barcelona, Spain, Marina Del Ray); Law Firms (including Fullbright & Jaworski Law Firms, and Deloitte & Touche Accounting Firms – Dallas and Washington D.C.), as well as Bill Gates’ model home. He thoroughly enjoys what he does. He considers himself a true “artist”. Dan Clark is also licensed and insured.

Call Dan at 720-297-4665